Photo finish system

Applicable sports:

Athletics, Cycling, Inline Skating, Horse Racing, Greyhound, Regatta

We can offer you multiple predefined photo finish configurations. ​

All configurations can be adjusted to your specific needs in terms of:

  • software,

  • lens,

  • mounting (camera head and tripod or other),

  • start signal, and

  • cabling (mobile cable reels, underground fixed cabling or semi-fixed cabling).

In 2020, we have introduced our new generation of

photo finish systems with our Argus photo finish system.

Argus photo finish major advantages

  • High light sensitivity

  • High recording speed

  • Video alignment system

  • Continuous recording

  • Instant readout of results

  • Virtual photocells

  • Transponder integration

  • Multi-language

  • Multi-sport


Video identification

Our VideoID is a video camera which captures head-on video images from the finish line to assist the photo finish operator with the identification of the athletes.

Applicable sports:

Athletics, Cycling, Inline Skating, Horse Racing, Greyhound, Regatta

VideoID II major advantages

• Higher light sensitivity of the camera
• Less than 5 minutes of setup
• Automatic recording and playback, no operator needed
• Very user friendly interface: instant view and synchronization
• Full screen image
• Affordable
• Higher frame rate: sharper images
• Faster use (no transfer of file needed)
• No power at inside track needed (Power Over Ethernet)

VideoID II

VideoID II


Electronic start system

The electronic starting device is an electronic audio-visual start signal generator that can be used for all types of races. It generates a start signal by sound and flashlight.

To hear the actual starting sound, you need to connect the electronic start device to a speaker system. For this reason we have developed a SpeakerBox which you can mount underneath or inside a starter stand.


Applicable sports:

All sports


Extra speaker

Optional carrying case

Electronic start system major advantages

• Easy operation

• Pro and club version available

• No bullets anymore

• No weapon license needed, less administration

• Easy connection to all TimeTronics photo finish systems
• The Pro system has a pre trigger point (like a traditional start gun)

• All athletes can hear the starting shot without delay (with optional additional speaker (TTC-068))


Start Information System

The wireless FalseStart III system is an accurate and simple to use mobile system for the honest validation of all athletes reaction time and at the same time bringing the sound of the starter’s voice and the starting shot to each athlete individual loudspeakers.

Applicable sports:

Athletics track

FalseStart III pro example picture

FalseStart III major advantages

• Easy operation

• Pro and club version available
• Wireless connection between start modules and caddy
• Graphic display of the start action of every athlete (Pro)


General Timing Solution

The General Timing Solution is ideal for game, race and training of any kind of sports.

Photocells are connected to the General Timing Solution control box on which a standard TimeTronics timing scoreboard and scoreboard remote control are connected (optional products). The running time and result time will be shown on the scoreboard.

The standard configuration has start stop functionality. But can be upgraded with an optional extra photocell set which allows you to have also an intermediate or automatic reset of the time.

Applicable sports:

Multiple sports

General Timing Solution

• Standard with start stop, option intermediate or reset time

• TTC-810 version with photocell range 2,5m

• TTC-811 version with photocell range 15m

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