Photo finish system

Applicable sports:

Athletics, Cycling, Inline Skating, Horse Racing, Greyhound, Regatta

We can offer you multiple predefined photo finish configurations. ​

All configurations can be adjusted to your specific needs in terms of:

  • software,

  • lens,

  • mounting (camera head and tripod or other),

  • start signal, and

  • cabling (mobile cable reels, underground fixed cabling or semi-fixed cabling).

In 2020, we have introduced our new generation of

photo finish systems with our Argus photo finish system.

Argus photo finish major advantages

  • High light sensitivity

  • High recording speed

  • Video alignment system

  • Continuous recording

  • Instant readout of results

  • Virtual photocells

  • Transponder integration

  • Multi-language

  • Multi-sport