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for track events (sprint) and field events (long & triple jump)

Our WindSpeed wind gauge applies the principle of electronic and sonic wind speed measurement. An ultrasonic wave is sent from a miniscule loudspeaker to a tiny microphone, both of which are housed in the measuring arm.

Applicable sports:

Athletics track & field

WindSpeed II world athletics

Ultrasonic wind gauge

  • Mandatory for international meetings

  • Mandatory for world records

  • Mandatory in most countries for official results

also in local competitions


Applicable sports:

Athletics track & field

The TimeTronics FieldTablet is an electronic device used by the officials or volunteers in the field, allowing them to easily enter, edit and confirm all field event results. This user-friendly system makes it possible that the officials or volunteers can be trained in only a few minutes of time. FieldScoreboards can also be integrated allowing the spectators, the press, the stadium speaker and the athletes to view the results in real time.

FieldResults athletics

FieldTablet major advantages

• Very user-friendly
• Distribution of real time athlete information 
• Wireless communication
• WindSpeed is connected and driven by the FieldTablet
• Laser Distance and Height Measurement System (EDM) is connected and controlled by the FieldTablet

TTP1007 FieldTablet athletics
EDM Laser

EDM Laser Measurement System

Applicable sports:

Athletics track & field

Our laser distance and height measurement system can measure athletic events such as javelin, shot put, hammer throwing, discus, triple jump, long jump, high jump and pole vault.

EDM major advantages

• Quick sight
• Quick-glance level vial
• Integrated tribrach with quick-lock feature
• Integrated, removable handle

• Long battery life up to 9 hours

• Fine angle adjustment and angle-lock feature

TTC600 Laser with Wooden Tripod & prism
TTC600 Laser Open


Applicable sports:

Athletics track & field

If you are looking for a visual help when determining where the athlete has placed his foot for the take off in long jump/triple jump, our VideoTakeOff is what you would definitely need!

It shows the calibrated result in matter of seconds. Useful for both competition and training.

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