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Video Arbitration System


Video Arbitration System


Video Arbitration System (VAS) or Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is special for referee’s video judgement which is able to record up to 12 channels video in FullHD 100fps during the match, whilst playback them in slow motion with changes in speed.

Working with match scoring/timing system, referee’s score operation will be marked on the frame of video automatically. It can be used to provide the technical support when dispute happens during the match so as to reduce the misjudging, to ensure fairness and justice of the match.

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Video Arbitration System TimeTronics fullscreen

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  • Nonstop video recording in the background: 1-12 channels of HD video are recorded simultaneously in the background; Video retrieval and playback is unaffected.

  • Synch-playback of multi-channel video: Supports playback mode of single channel video in full screen and multi-angle video in 6 windows.

  • Speed change in slow motion: supports 50 frame/s video playback, frame by frame.

  • Video event query: video stream can be divided into several video events, storing in the event list, which can be renamed for retrieve easily.

  • Video segment marker: Important or controversial moments can be marked in video stream which will be replayed quickly when clicking the marked records.

  • Professional playback control panel: configuring T-bar, slow moving wheel, speed preset function keys to make the process more convenient.

  • Video signal output: provides video output signal for preview and it can be connected to LED/LCD display for live slow motion replay.


  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Soccer

  • Badminton

  • Handball

  • Wrestling

  • Judo

  • Taekwondo

  • Diving

  • Ice Hockey

  • Weightlifting

  • More...

Product brochure

Product brochure


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