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Video Arbitration System - Video Assistant Referee

Video Arbitration System - Video Assistant Referee

SKU: TTC-850

Video Arbitration System (VAS) or Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is special for referee’s video jud­gement which is able to record up to 12 channels video in FullHD 100fps during the match, whilst playback them in slow motion with changes in speed.


Working with match scoring/timing system, referee’s score operation will be marked on the frame of video automatically. It can be used to provide the technical support when dispute happens during the match so as to reduce the misjudging, to ensure fairness and justice of the match.


- Basketball

- Volleyball

- Soccer

- Badminton

- Handball

- Wrestling

- Judo

- Taekwondo

- Diving

- Ice Hockey

- Weightlifting

- More ...

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