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Argus photo finish system - Pro version

Argus photo finish system - Pro version

We can offer you this state-of-the-art camera as a complete professional photo finish configuration with mobile cable reels or a fixed underground cabling solution. Our “Argus Selection Chart” (added to every TimeTronics photo finish quotation) will give you an overview of the predefined setup. We deliver your system with a standard C-mount 8-48mm f1.2 lens and standard camera head and tripod mounting, or further defined to your needs.

We can offer you multiple predefined photo finish configurations. ​

All configurations can be adjusted to your specific needs in terms of:

  • software,
  • lens,
  • mounting (camera head and tripod or other),
  • start signal, and
  • cabling (mobile cable reels, underground fixed cabling or semi-fixed cabling).

In 2020, we have introduced our new generation of photo finish systems with our Argus photo finish system.


Major Argus software advantages:
• High light sensitivity
• High recording speed
• Video alignment system
• Continuous recording
• Instant readout of results
• Virtual photocells
• Transponder integration
• Multi-language
• Multi-sport


Our main products are the photo finish systems for official results of all sports that make use of a finish line. Besides result management software and any kind of scoreboards, throughout the years we have expanded our product range to all sorts of complementary products to offer you a complete professional timing solution. ​You can find our level solutions for the different sports here:

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