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TTC-466 LED scoreboard

TTC-466 LED scoreboard

SKU: TTC-466

With LED Timing displays you can give extra information to the athletes and public. You can place them wherever you want on the track. A small program is added to the photo finish software and will automatically run in the background.

This scoreboard can be used for track and field events.



• Small depth: 6cm
• Display size = 128x80cm, total board height = 115cm
• Different setups possible
• One board: “low cost” timing board
• Two boards: in “V”-shape, or double sided.
• Three boards: triangular shape, for display in ALL (360 degrees) directions


P10 LED board colour (128x80 pix) (W128xH115xD6cm)
Display size: W128cm x H80cm

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