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AthleticsManager is TimeTronics package to manage all your athletics competitions, from subscriptions to results, simple in use, yet powerfull. AthleticsManager has a native user interface, customizable to the profile of the user. Standard, we include already three profiles, beginner, advanced and superuser. This makes the software easy accessible and will prevent user mistakes. In spite of the simple look, under the hood AthleticsManager is very powerfull: can it ...

do auto-seeding? Yes it can, even with multiple rules.
do auto-qualification? Yes it can, even with multiple rules.
handle combined events? Yes it can, you can even define your own combined events.
translate prestations to points? Yes it can, you can even define your own algorithms for this.
work with age-grading, like for masters athletics? Yes it can.
handle a teams competition? Yes it can, you can even define your own method of teampoints calculation.
help me in my own language? Yes it can, it is multi-lingual software, available languages keep growing and it is delivered with inline help.
backup my data? Yes it can, there is even an auto-backup mechanism that takes a snapshot of your data at regular intervals.
Probably it can, please have a look at the manual or contact TimeTronics (info@timetronics.be) for more information.

Thanks to the wide range of data-input devices (MacFinish camera, FieldTablets, FalseStart, ), getting the results in your database happens almost automatically. It will be a joy to participate.

There is also a wide range of possibilities to please your spectators, both in the stadium (printouts, television screens) and at home (live results website). The layout of all of these is fully customizable.

AthleticsManager contains already a range of custom functionalities for some national athletics federations, like a custom import of athletes, a custom output of results, It also holds a number of standard competition models, so you can start right away with e.g. a competition from your national teams competition games.

Athleticsmanager downloads

Software Manual
  The manual also contains a quick guide to immediately start the installation and get started with AthleticsManager

Here you can find additional software for AthleticsManager.

XMLCreator Manual XMLCreator
Tool for a live-results website, with automated ftp-upload and scorebord/info-screen steering.  
Tool for connection with MacFinish 6.x software  

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